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Stan Training - Specialised Transport Advisory Network
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Vehicle Audits

Specialised Transport Advisory Network´s Engineer would examine the following items as part of the Audit:


Vehicle Type, Security and Condition of Doors, Steps, Floor Rails (accessible transport and seating)
Seat belts, Interior lighting inc. Step lights

Wheelchair Restraints

Wear & Tear of Webbing, Misuse & Operation

Passenger Lifts

Operation of Electrics, platform, handrails, plate smoothness of operation ,
Labels and Operating Instructions, Manual Operation in Emergencies


Platform /Telescopic, Operation, Wear and Tear, Labels & Instructions, Security to Vehicle

Fire Extinguishers

Present? Security, Full/Empty, Fire Medium in Engine Compartment?, Life Hammer, First Aid Box

Vehicle Documentation

Log Books, Defect Sheets, Report Form

                                                                   Specialised Transport Advisory Network