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Moving & Handling-For Drivers/Passenger Assistants


Moving & Handling within the Working Environment

Course duration 4 hours class and practical session:

No of participants 12


On completion of the course trainees will be able to:

  • Identify associated hazards
  • Identify associated risks
  • Identify how injuries occur
  • Identify & correctly use personal protective equipment
  • Apply correct lift/assist techniques or avoid
  • Understand the importance of risk assessments & be able to carry out simple risk assessments


  • Introduction to Moving & Handling
  • Moving, Handling & the Law
  • The Spine & Spinal Problems
  • Typical Injuries
  • Reducing Risks
  • Good Body Mechanics
  • Factors Influencing Moving & Handling
  • Practical Principles & Lifting Techniques
  • Assisting Wheelchair Users inc. Transfers


Who should attend and what are the benefits?

Specialised Transport Advisory Network recommend that;

All minibus drivers and passenger assistants should attend. They will benefit by being better informed when dealing with moving/handling people or objects. Understanding the need for risk assessments and the part they have to play in this

Being informed allows staff to make better judgements resulting in their being more confident & understanding of their role

A certificate of attendance and handouts will be provided for each participant on completion of course

Specialised Transport Advisory Network